Sunday, February 18, 2007

Welcome to Web Blog! Our website has been up and running for a couple of weeks now and we're starting to get some interest. Approximately 20 artists are represented on the site, with lots of wonderful artwork to see. If you look under the "musician" section, we've got our first contributor, "The Bob Boyd Sounds." And if you access their webpage, there's some of their original music in the background. It's kind of a cool webpage.
I wanted to say thanks to all the artists who have contributed so far, and in a few months to a year, I'm expecting to see a lot of interest in the site, from our own hometowns in Arkansas, to across the nation. This next year should be a lot of fun to see how the site grows.
If you have any suggestions, or know of any artists interested in having a webpage, just let us know: Please check out our website: Feel free to comment on the site or any of the artists work.

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Anonymous said...

Greetings Artists and patrons of,

I wanted to remind you that next Friday night, the first Friday of the month of March, there will be a gallery walk in beautiful downtown Hot Springs. Be sure to stop in try the wonderful Cuban cuisine at Rolando's restaurant. You can even take a margarita to go as you peruse the galleries at your leisure. Please take the opportunity to make comments on the art and artists you enjoy while taking advantage of the wonder sites in Hot Springs.

Enjoy your weekend,

Lyle Cogbill
Marketing and Sales Manager