Sunday, November 18, 2007

ArkansasArtists beware of picture purchase scam!

Someone named M. Landry contacted several artists through our web-site
Supposedly from the UK. She gave them a shipping contact with elite shipping that did not have a phone number just an -email contact. We called elite shipping in the UK and they do not have a branch where this one is supposed to be. M. Landry wants to send a check for 3 paintings and 2500.- for shipping. She wants the artist to pay the 2500.- to the shipping company when they come and pick up the paintings. Supposedly the paintings and some larger items are to be picked up and the artist is paying for all that shipping out of the money she sends the artist a check. I am assuming this is a good copy of a non-valid check so by the time the bank would figure out it is fake they would be gone not only with several paintings but also with a valid 2500$ check from the artist to the fake moving company. The FBI showed no interest according to a phone conversation one of our artists. So far M. Landry has contacted three of our artists but if anyone has any questions or has been contacted by this lady e-mail Heike Talbert at or call her at 821-2055 or 690-0669

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