Saturday, September 29, 2007

Last Night at M2 Gallery in the Pleasant Ridge Mall

Last night at M2 Gallery in the Pleasant Ridge Mall excitement was in the air as Drew Pickens soothed everyone’s ears with light jazz and contemporary sounds from his guitar. The main event was the outstanding new art from featured artists Nathan Beatty, Megan Chapman, Sean Fitzgibbon, Christina Mariotti, and Eric Smith.

The gallery was filled with new amazing works from the NW corner of the state, and I got to talk to several of the new artists who were present. Aside from the fantastic music and art, the owners Mac Murphy and John Magee provided an assortment of libations and appetizers that were extremely delicious. When I got their John was sitting in for Drew Pickens and entertained the crowd. I got to speak with artist Sean Fitzgibbon about his intriguing work with mixed media and how he created his piece Inner Workings, which seemed to be a combination of drawing and digital overlay that pulled you into the picture and stimulated your imagination. I also spoke with Megan Chapman another outstanding artist whose abstract work was exceptional and seemed to come alive with texture and color.

A good time was had by all and especially me after meeting some friends and moving over to Crew for continued libations. Many thanks go out to Mac and Ashley Murphy and John and Kim Magee as well as all the attendees, for making M2 Gallery’s Friday night event one of their best.

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