Monday, September 3, 2007

Last Saturday Night Grand Opening of Stephano's Gallery

"If I make a painting, it should be seen for what it's set out to do too. A lot of the things that I do, it's not all art. Some of it's design, some of it's illustration, some of it's graphics, some of it's concept, some of it's business and some of it, hopefully, is art." -----Ken Done Quotes

Greetings Artists and Patrons of

Last Saturday night’s grand opening of Stephano's new Gallery in the Heights was standing room only. I got to talk with many of the artists who are apart of the gallery. D. Arthur and Lisa Wilson, Kelly Edwards, Diana Ashley and Stephano. All were extremely busy talking with art patrons and sharing stories about their work. Libations and appetizers were abundant as well as live music; the gallery was alive with excitement and merriment.

When the musicians took a break Stephano took the microphone and invited the participating artists up for introductions. After the introductions of the artists Linda Leopoulos, the founder of the THEA Foundation, gave a very moving speech about her late daughter, her unfulfilled artistic dreams and the Foundation’s accomplishments and their goals in promoting the arts through out the schools in our state. If you want to learn more about helping promote the arts through the THEA Foundation you can visit their web site at

After leaving Stephano’s Gallery Grand Opening we headed to the Underground Pub for more libations, food and music from the Crisis Classic Rock Band. A good time was had by all and who attended and I got to talk with many interesting people, not to mention the leader of the band Gregg Herning. To him music is all about fun and getting the crowd involved which they did many times with the dance floor packed during their sets. You can learn more about the band by clicking on their logo on under the musicians tab.

Remember this next Friday will be the First Friday Art Walk in beautiful downtown Hot Springs. I will be looking for you there.

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