Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tonight M2 Gallery Presents the Woman and Chlildren's First Chairty Event

The Woman and Children’s First Charity event was outstanding tonight at M2 Gallery and I was ecstatic just to be a participant of the event. The art was outstanding and I got to interview one of M2s newest additions Amy Laser of Little Rock. Her work is as exquisite as her personal beauty. She is a trainer at the Studio Wellness in the Heights and if she can get you looking as wonderfully fit as she looks than it is well worth the money. She is beautiful with a pleasant personality and very in to her art. She works in mixed media with some print and deco plague thrown in that makes it intriguing, as well as interesting, drawing the viewer in and capturing their attention as they become consumed by the beauty which she has created. She is one of he most talented artists I have viewed in the past few months whose originality is so distinctive that it will take your breath away. If you want to view her art drop by M2 Gallery on Cantrell and Mac or Ashley will give you the grand tour. They have some of the finest artists in Little Rock, and the Pleasant Ridge shopping plaza is a great place to spend the afternoon. Mac and Ashley Murphy and John and Kim Magee are some of the best art promoters in the state with one of the finest galleries in west Little Rock. Tonight’s event raised money for a worthy cause and promoted talented artists from our state. I want to personally thank them for their efforts in showcasing artists from our great state. is privileged to have them as a sponsor.

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